The innovative flashlight with LED technology, ideal for outdoor activities.

More power and light range? Tactical Flashlight is what you need!

Your best companion for night hikes, whether it's for exercising, walking the dog, driving or boating at night, enjoying camping outdoors or simply when there are power outages, the Tactical Flashlight has the most powerful and long range light on the market. It's finally available in our country!

Can you imagine having to change a car tire on the road at night? The Tactical Flashlight is the best flashlight for any situation. Its high lighting power will allow you to find the best place to stop safely, find the spare tire, tools and make the change quickly.

This innovative flashlight with LED technology is what we have been waiting for to efficiently solve the lighting needs in outdoor environments, especially when we have to get into rustic roads or cross country.

Practical, compact and lightweight, the Tactical Flashlight is easy to use and indispensable for those of us who enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping and hiking.

For security personnel, it is a perfect tool in their daily surveillance work.

Advanced LED technology that doubles the light output.

The Tactical Flashlight makes LED technology its main attraction, for the type of illumination and for its power capacity. The light range is constant and without loss of brightness.

Designed and manufactured to be much more useful by allowing to double the light power, which is one of the features that places it above other flashlights with conventional lighting systems, making it also more efficient.

It is ideal to accompany you in your outdoor night activities, such as camping or hiking; these activities will never be the same with this magnificent LED flashlight, with which you will also be able to illuminate distant objects with total clarity and definition.

We are nature lovers and the good news is that this type of lighting is environmentally friendly. The components of LED lights, when they end their useful life, which is quite long, can be recycled without problem.

5 light modes to illuminate the most distant objects.

It has 5 modes of operation: high, medium, low, strobe and S.O.S.

The optical zone is located on the front of the flashlight with dimmer, through the adjustment of the telescopic head, to get the beam of light you need, making it perfect for any occasion.

The Tactical Flashlight LED flashlight, thanks to its advanced technology, allows us to illuminate any place, in any circumstance, with a light output of up to 1200 lumens. Its telescopic focus allows an illumination range of up to 300 meters. It is ideal for work, camping, hunting, fishing, automotive, navigation and cycling.

Its lamp life of more than 100,000 hours makes it ideal for use in any situation. Very useful if you live in rural or coastal areas. If you enjoy extreme sports or mountaineering, it is the one for you because of its powerful white light.

Get your Tactical Flashlight now and carry it always with you.

Designed to withstand the toughest situations, this flashlight is resistant to the most adverse weather conditions. No matter where you are, you can always count on powerful illumination and a range of up to 300 meters.

Carry it with you at all times, in your car or in your bag. You will see what a relief it is to have constant illumination in case of an eventuality or emergency, besides being of great use in case of power outages and on the road.

The LED technology flashlight is perfect for extreme sports, forest exploration and spelunking. 

It's also perfect for the home, when we need to repair equipment or look for something small that we've lost.

This tactical flashlight exceeds my expectations. It is rugged and has excellent battery life.

The light intensity of this tactical flashlight is awesome. It's great for nighttime outdoor activities.

I am impressed by how bright this tactical flashlight is. It illuminates even the darkest areas with ease.

Start using Tactical Flashlight and you will notice the difference with other flashlights.

Just follow the steps below to make it yours:

Step 1: Order your Tactical Flashlight through this official website to enjoy a great offer.

Step 2: Receive your shipment within a few days.

Step 3: Start using your Tactical Flashlight on your night hikes!

Main advantages

  • CREE LED technology flashlight, with 1200 lumens, is the most advanced on the market and 25 times more powerful than a conventional flashlight. Its beam maintains a constant brightness.

  • Five lighting modes: High, medium, low, S.O.S and strobe with a range of 300 meters to illuminate the most distant objects, making it the best tool for any outdoor activity.

  • Ergonomic design. Your hands can mold to the body of the flashlight. Its non-slip material makes it more comfortable and safe. With clip and magnetic base to fix it anywhere.

  • Durable and quality flashlight, it is perfect in any situation and for outdoor activities. With aluminum housing that makes it sturdy, strong and at the same time very resistant.


  • It's only available for purchase online via the official store

Frequently Asked Questions.

What type of batteries does the Tactical Flashlight use?

3 AAA batteries. The power consumption of this fantastic tactical flashlight is relatively low, so you are going to have high power light and brightness for hours.

How far can the flashlight illuminate?

Its range is 300 meters for its five light modes. You will be able to see the objects you are illuminating, even if they are far away by simply adjusting the flashlight head.

How do I call for help in an emergency?

Its SOS and strobe light mode can be seen from a distance. If you need help, use these light beams and maximum zoom by directing them towards the sky.

Are they more efficient than conventional flashlights?

Definitely yes, they can be more efficient and longer lasting. They are energy efficient and have a much more powerful light that can give you greater advantages than with any other conventional flashlight.

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Tactical Flashlight

1: Order your Tactical Flashlight through this official website to enjoy a great offer. Official Store

2: Start using your Tactical Flashlight on your night hikes!

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