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Avoid Fines
You'll be able to avoid fines thanks to the 100% legal restraint system that helps you keep your hands on the wheel.
Wireless Charging
Fast wireless charging to get you to your destination with maximum battery power.
Maximum Security
Your safety comes first. The automatic clamping system for your mobile phone will prevent possible scares.

About Smart Holder Pro

You’ll be able to save on fines and drive more safely.
  • Automatically charges your mobile phone while driving without the need for cables
  • Automatic robotic phone clamp so you won’t have to strain when putting it in place.
  • Prevent your phone from moving when using it as GPS
Read on, there are even more advantages!

Main advantages:

Robotic Automatic Clamping
Automatic robotic mobile phone holder for your car.
Wireless Charging
Wirelessly charge your phone while driving. No wires!
Robotic System
Mechanical arms that grab your phone upon detection
Maximum  Compatibility
Compatible with any mobile phone and car.
Ideal for GPS
View maps, music, or whatever you need from the right side of the steering wheel.
Avoid Fines and Distractions
Avoid fines and distractions thanks to its automatic clamping system.


Does the phone charge up quickly?
Yes, the charging system is high-powered to quickly charge any mobile phone.
Does it fit any car?
Yes, it clips onto the air conditioning outlet of your car to keep your phone in an accessible place.
Does it work with any phone?
Virtually any device is compatible with Smart Holder Pro. The only thing it’s not compatible with is tablets.
How does it work?
Smart Holder Pro has a sensor that detects the proximity of your device and activates its robotic arms to automatically hold your device and charge it.
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