July 14, 2024,

Tired of rats invading your home or business? An electric rat trap is the perfect solution. This innovative and effective device uses high-voltage technology to quickly eliminate rats without the use of harmful poisons or chemicals. It's safe, hygienic, and easy to use.

Plus, it's environmentally friendly as it leaves no toxic residues. Don't let rats steal your peace of mind. Take back control with one or more electric rodent traps in your home!

Up next, we're presenting you with the top 5 rat traps of this year, complete with a full review conducted by an expert at the end of the page.

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Guaranteed high quality

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After trying countless rat traps, I finally found the one that outshines all the rest.

Safely and effectively rid your home or business of rodents with an electric rat trap. Without the use of poisons or chemicals, it's a hygienic, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly solution.

They are currently offering 50% off first orders on their website here

UPDATE - Qinux Voltrat 700 is currently sold out in retail stores nationwide. However, they may still be available on their website HERE.

Why do I always recommend this product to everyone?

I'm Samuel Thompson, a veteran in rodent pest control. For over 30 years, I've dedicated my life to protecting homes and businesses across the United States from these unwelcome creatures. My specialty is rat traps. I've honed the art of placing them in the most strategic locations, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Each day is a challenge, but the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping to keep people safe and their properties damage-free makes it all worthwhile. My job is not just a trade, it's my passion.

Without a doubt, it's my recommendation and the most outstanding option.

Comparing it to the competition

As an expert in rodent pest control, I've tested numerous rat traps throughout my career. However, the Qinux Voltrat rat trap stands out above the rest. Its innovative design and superior functionality make it exceptionally effective. The trap is easy to use, safe, and extremely efficient in capturing rodents.

Moreover, its sturdy construction ensures a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective investment. The user experience is unparalleled, with clear instructions and straightforward handling. In terms of quality, the Qinux Voltrat is unbeatable, delivering consistent and reliable results.

I assure you, you won't regret it, trust me.

The unboxing

When I opened the box of the Qinux Voltrat rat trap, I was absolutely astounded. The product presentation was impeccable, with a modern and sleek design that you don't often see in pest control products. The trap was carefully packaged, demonstrating the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Upon inspecting the Qinux Voltrat trap more closely, I was even more impressed by its sturdiness and the sophistication of its technology. With over 30 years in the business, I've seen many rat traps, but none like this one. Its innovative design and efficient capture mechanism promise safe and effective rodent control, which makes me very excited to put it to the test.

I'm really blown away by the quality and design of the Qinux Voltrat trap.

With Qinux Voltrat, your home will be instantly free of rodents.

The Qinux Voltrat rat trap is an effective and safe solution for eliminating any rodent in your home. This trap features a wireless circuit sensor that quickly detects when a rodent has entered, triggering a powerful 7000 V electric shock that kills the rodent instantly. This method of elimination is quick and humane, ensuring that rodents do not suffer unnecessarily.

In addition to eliminating existing rodents, the Qinux Voltrat rat trap also helps prevent their occurrence. By quickly eliminating any rodent that enters your home, this trap deters other rodents from entering. This protects your home from potential damage caused by rodents, such as chewing electrical wires or contaminating food. With the Qinux Voltrat rat trap, your home will be safe and rodent-free!

Qinux Voltrat: Effective, safe, and humane rodent removal.

Say goodbye to rats without toxic chemicals! Safely and effectively protect your home.

This product, the Qinux Voltrat rat trap, offers an effective solution for eliminating pests such as rats, mice, and squirrels. Its greatest advantage is that it does not require the use of harmful chemicals, making it a safe and environmentally friendly option. Moreover, its design and functionality are intended to prevent future infestations, keeping your home constantly protected.

With the Qinux Voltrat rat trap, you can say goodbye to traditional sprays, traps, and poisons. You will no longer have to deal with toxic chemical products that give off unpleasant odors and can put your family and pets' health at risk. This product offers a safe and effective solution to keep your home pest-free.

Eliminates pests without harmful chemicals.

It's super easy to use! Trust me and follow my advice.

The Qinux Voltrat stands out for its ease of use, making it an ideal choice for anyone, regardless of their technical skill level. All you need to do is set the bait and turn on the trap, without having to deal with complicated settings. This simple and efficient design allows you to focus on getting rid of rodents without having to worry about learning how to handle a complex device.

In addition, the Qinux Voltrat features an LED light system that helps you easily monitor the status of the trap. The red light turns on when a rodent is entering the trap, while the green light indicates when the rodent has been caught and is dead. This feature allows you to know exactly when it's necessary to check and empty the trap, making its handling even easier.

If you buy this rat trap, you won't need to call me!

Save money and time, keep your home rodent-free!

This product, the Qinux Voltrat rat trap, is a true revolution in pest control. Imagine being able to keep your home rodent-free without having to spend a fortune on chemicals or hiring professional exterminators. With this trap, you can save a lot of money and time, as it is very easy to use and extremely effective.

Moreover, the Qinux Voltrat rat trap gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe. You won't have to worry about the damage that rodents can cause to your home, nor the health risks they may pose. And best of all, you won't have to deal with the stress of waiting days or even weeks for exterminators to do their job. With the Qinux Voltrat rat trap, you can solve the rodent problem quickly and efficiently.

Simply, AWESOME!

Qinux Voltrat, the world's favorite rat trap!

The Qinux Voltrat rat trap is a true triumph in pest control. Since its launch, it has proven to be everyone's preferred choice, thanks to its effectiveness and ease of use. Its popularity is no accident, but the result of its exceptional performance in thousands of homes around the world.

Moreover, the Qinux Voltrat is not only effective, but also safe and humane. Its smart design ensures that rats are trapped without causing them unnecessary harm. This product has revolutionized the way we handle pests in our homes, providing us with peace of mind and security.

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What makes the Qinux Voltrat 700 different from other products?

You can't compare the Qinux Voltrat 700 with anything in its price class, this is why.

Rat trap

Put an end to annoying rats and rodents today!

Protect your family.

Helps to effectively eliminate rat infestations and other rodents.

Effective pest control

Protect and care for your family's health by eradicating rats without using toxic and dangerous chemicals.

Time and cost savings.

Take care of your money and enjoy your time without recurring expenses on exterminators.

Easy to use

The Qinux Voltrat 700 electric rat trap is incredibly easy to use.

The ideal gift.

The ideal gift for family and acquaintances.

Is it worth it?

As a pest control expert, I always recommend the Qinux Voltrat rat trap. Its affordable price makes it an excellent opportunity for those seeking an effective and budget-friendly solution to their rodent problem.

This trap has proven to be highly effective in capturing rats, providing a safe and humane solution. Moreover, its robust and durable design ensures long-term performance, which means you'll get an excellent return on your investment. In short, the Qinux Voltrat rat trap is a high-quality and cost-effective option that I always recommend.

How much does it cost?

Typically, these kinds of products can cost a fortune, so one would expect Qinux Voltrat to also be in this price range... But in reality, Qinux Voltrat is sold for much less, as the company's creators are doing everything they can to keep prices low. In fact, for a limited time, they are running a 50% off promotion on their website, slashing the price in half!

How can it be this price?

Big brands, as of today, spend millions on advertising, physical stores, staff, and all of this reflects in the price at which they sell us their devices.

On the other hand, Qinux Voltrat, by selling only online and not advertising on television, can afford to have these very affordable prices.

In addition, as a launch offer, there is a 50% discount available for a limited time. Take advantage of this offer as it will soon return to its original price!

Common Questions & Answers

Is the Qinux Voltrat 700 rat trap fairly large?

Sure, the Qinux Voltrat 700 is indeed extra-large, specifically designed to capture and eliminate large rats or mice with ease.

Does it come with a working plug?

Of course! You just plug it into the wall and you're good to go, it'll start working right away.

Does it have a high voltage discharge?

Absolutely, with its powerful 7000 volts, it will zap the rodents in seconds, effectively solving any pest problem you may have.

Are there any offers available?

Yes, there’s a 50% off launch promotion.

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of their launch promotion.

You just need to follow these 3 steps to get your Qinux Voltrat:

1. Add the product to your shopping cart.

2. Choose the delivery country, click continue and fill in your shipping details and payment method.

3. Take advantage of the limited time offer and receive the product at your doorstep!

They are currently offering 50% off first orders on their website here

Smart decision

In summary, the Qinux Voltrat is an effective, safe, and economical solution for eliminating rodents. Its wireless technology instantly detects and kills rodents, without the need for toxic chemicals or expensive exterminators.

Plus, it's easy to use and prevents future infestations. With LED lights to indicate its operation, it's the smartest and safest option to keep your home rodent-free. Take advantage of the offer and protect your home today.


As of July 7, 2024 Ever since the Qinux Voltrat 700 was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their products and want people to know about them, that they are selling them at these incredible prices.



Samuel Thompson

I'm Samuel Thompson, a rodent pest control expert with over 30 years of experience. My career has been focused on developing effective and safe methods to manage and eradicate these pests, protecting homes and businesses all across the United States.